FAN-KEY - Solution for your keys


Why FAN-KEY price is $29 ?

FAN-KEY is an exclusive item, it was designed by TOP USA - ISRAEL product engineers.
FAN-KEY is made of 6061 aluminum - A strong yet light-weigh "aircraft" material.
FAN-KEY is manufactured ONE piece at a time using a CNC milling machine
FAN-KEY is extendable, you can use it to hold just about anything you like: scissors, bottle opener, knife, led light, pen, mirror and the list goes on and on.
FAN-KEY offers Life time product warranty.
Here are more Features and Benefits:
No more stabbing yourself with keys in your pocket. Provides a lever in locking the door and makes it easier.
No more scratching your smartphone with your keys. Can be used as smartphone holder.
Hold up to 50 keys easily. Fit 90% of keys including car keys.
Will never rust or loose it's color. Protect your keys from rubbing each other.

What kind of warranty do i get ?

Because we have designed it so well, we have no problem offering LIFE time warranty
FAN-KEY will never break or loose it's shiny finish.
If your FAN-KEY have any defects please ship it back to us (together with screws and other parts) and we will repalce / fix and ship it back to you .
Please note: For all warranty issues buyer pays shipping costs
Because of high shipping and warehouse costs - refund for "change of mind" reasons will carry the following fees:
$5 - Shipping cost and %15 Re Stocking Fee.

Can i add my car keys?

To most car keys the answer is YES - you can use our longer screws ( included for free ) together with the provided discs to adjust your car keys inside FAN-KEY.
Here are some examples:

How can i attach my car remote control to my FAN-KEY?

Insert a wire / string to one of the holes then attach your remote as seen in the picture below

What is the weight and size of FAN-KEY?

FAN-KEY weight is 1.058 Oz (30 gram) - FAN-KEY size is 3.14x0.9x0.15 inch (80x25x4 mm)

Where FAN-KEY is made?

FAN-KEY is 100% designed and manufactured in the USA.

How many keys can FAN-KEY hold?

The limitation to the number of keys depend on how long the screws are, the longer the screws the more keys you can put.
We were able to hold 50! keys using 2 inch (50 mm) screws.

How FAN-KEY is being manufactured ?

FAN-KEY is manufactured using CNC machine then hand polished for perfect smooth finish.
We do not use stamping or any other mean of mass production, each FAN-KEY is being manually produced by us.

What material FAN-KEY is made of?

FAN-KEY is made from a very strong and light weight kind of aluminum called: 6061
This special alloy is used to build airplanes!
To achieve colorful finish we are coating it using the anodize process. This colorful coating last for many years - therefore enabling us to give LIFE TIME warranty on FAN-KEY.

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